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Here at Dogpaddle Canoe Works I build custom cedar strip canoes and custom canoe paddles for discriminating owners. Dogpaddles are suitable for display but are built to be used.

Each custom canoe paddle is crafted to meet the requirements of it's buyer. Shaft length, grip size, blade size, shape and flex can all be tailored to suit the individual paddler's needs. All paddles are made of select soft and hard woods with matched, accented or contrasting grains. Blades are reinforced with a thin layer of fiberglass and epoxy, stiffening the blade and protecting the wood while letting the natural beauty show through. At the 2012 ACA sanctioned Interpretative Freestyle Canoe Nationals most of the contestants used Dogpaddle Canoe Works custom freestyle paddles.

Canoes are constructed of select, bead and cove cedar strips, sheathed with fiberglass and epoxy. Most hulls are built with "staple-less" construction techniques allowing for a flawless finish. Canoes can be extremely light weight; barely heavier than a Kevlar/carbon fiber canoe of similar size, or can be reinforced for serious river running. Careful attention to wood colors, grains and accents result in beautiful boats that attract attention wherever they are paddled or displayed. I can build to your plans or mine.